Thursday, April 30, 2009

My family tree's got Dutch Elm's Disease.

I've always been jealous of people who know their family heritage. Friends of mine who are 100% Irish or adopted from Korea seem to have a sense of pride that a regular ambiguous mutt like myself can't share. I can say I'm American, but so can Toby Keith, Morgan Freeman, Yakov Smirnoff and every Native American. So that doesn't really help much. I asked my parents about our heritage and I got a bucketful of vagueness. Still, my curiosity has spurred me onward. Here's what I've deduced so far from asking questions and a little googling:

Brody: (Gaelic) "Muddy place or ditch"
My mom's maiden name - Shogren: (Swedish - Sjögren) "Sea branch"
Analysis: I am the mixture of a dirty place and a useless thing. What the hell is a sea branch anyway? There's no trees in the ocean!

According to my parents, we are mostly Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Probably. Even though "Brody" is Gaelic. We just really wanted to be associated with gunk, so we stole a name from another culture I guess. Also, my dad says, my family once farmed the land that is now Wall Street. Supposedly when the land was no longer productive, we just packed up and left it. So, in my dad's own words: "Technically, we might kind of own Wall Street. But that'd be a little hard to prove." Ya think, Dad? "Hey stock-brokers! Step aside, the Brody's are back! Get the seed corn! Hey, where'd the mud go?"

My family history is also full of pointless information. According to my dad, my grandpa was blood brothers with Chief Sitting Bull's grandson. On my mom's side, my great-great-grandpa might have known the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson's great-great-grandpa. Do you know what that means? That means my family is "that guy". You know that guy. The guy that when someone talks about Terry Bradshaw they'll tell a story about how their uncle-in-law saw him buying oatmeal in Omaha once. (True story.)

Sjögren's Syndrome is also the name of something that gives you dry mouth and eyes. Even our disease is boring and not worth mentioning. I'm not saying I want to be associated with some horrible calamity, but maybe we could be something that at least gives you the runs. "Damn you Sjögren's Revenge!" Instead it's "Oy, my eyes are so dry today. Better get the spray."

I actually wrote my grandma not too long ago to try and get some information out of her, but she wrote me a letter back about what she had for lunch. It was meatloaf. She's getting tired of meatloaf. It's dry, like Sjögren's Disease.

So you know what? I'm just going to forget about my supposed family heritage and make up my own. I'm sure if I just try hard enough, I can make myself believe it's true. From now on, I am Mike Megatron...Half fire god/half sexy robot/all man. My grandfather WAS Brian Wilson, my grandmother was Terry Bradshaw and the mere mention of my name gives you explosive diarrhea.

That's what I'm going with. It's easier than research.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 10 & 11: The last night and the return home

Well I am back in the Twin Cities again and I already miss everybody. I can't wait until the next event.

One quick thing: On the last day after the auction Justin Libigs and his mother (Hi, Hunter & Firefly!) from W.I.P.S. (Wisconsin Illinois Paranormal Solutions) donated an extra $700 to charity. I just thought they deserved some credit for that!

(Psychic Tiff...Ghost Hunter/NARC agent)

("Grant Wilson, I'm your biggest fan!")

So anyway. How to start? I had a pretty incredible experience Sunday night. And I'm not even going to tell the full story because some parts of it were a bit personal. It is enough without them, trust me.

It was Sunday night and somewhere between 12-1 am. I decided I wanted to go to the Bretton Arms house on the side of the property. My friends Brendan and Julie decided to come along with me. There were several groups inside the building investigating. We kind of floated from room to room looking for a place with activity and with a bit of privacy as well. We tried a few rooms and had no success (imagine that, we forgot to bring equipment!) As we were walking down the hall to another room, Brendan peeks into room 48 and says "Does this room feel creepy to you?" We both thought it did. But we couldn't explain why or if we were just fooling ourselves. We had no equipment and none of us are especially in tune with anything. So I decided to text my friend Adam and see if he could help us out. He is usually on the ball with these things. He came upstairs and brought Mel and Andy from TAPS West Coast. Andy is a physicist and brought some equipment that he invented. He demonstrated how it reads electricity in a room like an EMF but makes a noise to read it (just for the record, I am probably butchering the scientific terms of this item, but I'm doing my best. Sorry Andy) So he held the meter up in the room to show the normal sound it makes. Then he held it to a power strip and it made a high-pitch noise. The theory was that a ghost could be read on this and even manipulate the frequencies to actually SPEAK through it. Long story short (not really...long story less long) someone felt a ghost enter the room. It got closer to the machine and the noise from it got louder and louder and louder. Andy encouraged it to get closer and figure out how it worked. The noise got LOUDER. And then.....I shit you not.....the thing started talking. I heard it. Everybody in the room heard it. Words. I still get goosebumps recalling it. This wasn't like some Stephen Hawking voice. It had a tone and a mannerism to it. I'm telling you they could put that scene in a movie and people would get scared. Some of us (not me!) asked it questions and it answered in (usually) one word sentences. It said it's name was "Ed" and 43 years old. It said "Help Me" quite clearly. It was asked if it needed prayer and "yes" came out. THEN, completely different from where the voice had been coming from the electricity I heard someone breath out very, very heavily. I waited for someone to say "What was that?" and nobody did. Finally I said "Which one of you sighed really hard?" We all then said we all heard it and that nobody did it. It was clear as a bell. Something sighed really hard that wasn't there to the natural eye. Then prayers were said and BOOM the electrical signal stopped. It was really fast. "It's moved on" was what somebody said immediately (sorry for the anonymous, I'm just being careful with people's privacy). Then this scene played out again with a different spirit right afterwards. Someone said they felt some negative energy coming near so they asked Andy's machine to say "prayer" if they needed prayer. (Because supposedly a bad spirit wouldn't/couldn't say that). The buzzing of the machine got louder and it said "prayer". Once again, I have to stress that this is not bullshit. I heard it. It wasn't all robot-y sounding. It was a VOICE. Imagine if you heard a creepy EVP without the playback. Like it's live and happening in the moment. That's what it was like. It was as clear as the EVPs from the Princess Room, but happening OUT LOUD at the moment.

Here's where I gloss over some things, but give you a general recap. It got really, really peaceful in the room. There was a very holy/calm feeling in the air. Then, I asked Adam (because at one point the clock said 3:33) if that number had any negative significance. He said that Jesus was crucified at 3pm so 3am is sometimes used by negative energy as a symbol of their...I dunno...hate? A bit of time goes by and Andy says "I don't mean to freak you out Brody, but..." which is the worst thing in the world to hear ever. Apparently it appeared like a shadow figure was standing over me behind my chair. Then we noticed that there were shadows on both ends of the room blocking out light and then letting it come through and generally making it's presence known. It felt like a good time to leave. The hotel employee who watches the place at night asked us what happened and you could tell by his reaction to OUR reaction that he was freaked. He could tell that we had seen something that you don't see everyday. And as we got into our shuttle to go back to the hotel I looked at the clock. "Would you guys say that dark stuff happened about five minutes ago?" The clock said 3:05. (The clock in the room had been an hour ahead, otherwise I would been way to freaked out to bring that time up before it even happened.)

So I couldn't figure out why the peace was followed by the negativity, so I asked. It was explained to me that sometimes when someone helps a spirit move on, that darker things show up to kind of say "What the %#$&? What do you think you're doing?" That's why I was glad to be around people I trust.

Then all of us went back to the main hotel and tried to soak it all in. I think it was pretty intense for everybody, although I think the overwhelming majority of it was positive. Remember that feeling of peace I talked about before? It hit me pretty hard. Despite the negative thingys at the end I actually hugged an older lady in the lobby that I barely knew and told her I loved her. Craziness.

ANYWAY! Thank you so much to everybody who showed up/participated/organized/helped out/whatever at this event. It was the time of my life and I can't wait for the next! I'll put up all the photos on facebook/myspace soon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Profile: Dave Tango

Dave Tango is a paranormal phenom. In the span of five minutes he finished conducting a ghost tour, helped a woman spot her missing purse from across a dark room like a hawk, said thanks to everybody, took pictures with me, signed a photo for my friend Andy, answered my questions for this profile in the few minutes he had before the next tour group arrived and (I think) discovered the secret to time travel...all while breakdancing. Knowing that I only had limited time, I decided to cut right to the questions that are on everybody's mind.

Name: Dave Tango

Favorite Spice Girl: (After much deliberation and almost going with Posh Spice) Ginger Spice.

Would you rather have the power of invisibility or flight?: Invisibility. (That answer is 100% correct. If you had the power of flight you'd also have to have invincibility because someone would shoot you down. If you're invisible, you could hide and (if so inclined - not that I would) look at people in showers and (not that I would) steal cookies.) What is the rules on parenthesises inside of parenthesises? Is that even how you spell that? Moving on!

You were in a handbell choir when you were a kid. Who would win in a fight: The handbell choir or Manheim Steamroller?: The handbell choir because we have more weapons. (I think he meant the bells...not machine guns or blades.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how pretty are you?: 1 (I appreciate Dave's humbleness, but come on! That's like Quasimoto/Hunchback of Notre Dame level! Wait...handbells...bell towers...maybe there's a connection?)

What exactly does "going Jersey" on somebody mean?: Getting red and having pure rage. And then feeling sorry afterward.

When are you going to just punch Steve?: In his sleep and then tell him something fell on him. (The funny thing about that answer is...I thought he'd say "in an hour" or "next week" or something. That was a very specific moment with a getaway plan. I think I should call hotel security and post some guards outside of Steve's room tonight!)

Thanks Dave for answering my questions when you were busy. I'm sorry that I've pretty much published your written confession.

(Me and Dave rockin' the air handbell choir.)

Mt. Washington Day 9: Radio Radio

Today was a really fun day at Mt. Washington. There were some really great talks/speeches/presentations (I don't know what I'm supposed to call them technically) by Tiffany Johnson about psychic powers, Kristyn Gartland about Paranormal 101 (she killed today - don't be funnier than me Kristyn!), Scotty Roberts about the Nephilim (NEF-i-LEEM), Nick Redfern on cryptozoology and Steve Gonsalves with "Tech Talk". Today I also learned that Steve's last name is pronounced (gon-ZALVS). Everybody thought I was pronouncing his name incorrectly, whereas I was probably the second person on earth to ever say it right. I can't remember who was the first and told me the secret, but you're not writing this blog so no credit for you!!!

Then at dinner we had an auction of various TAPS related items and we raised $7,450 for charity. Add that with the $1,500 from the previous week and that's not bad at all. I think Jeff and I are starting to get this dancing monkey/auctioneer business down. The trick is talking loud and fast and realizing that you can't compete with cheesecake.

Vegan Mel, myself and Tiffany Johnson (yes, I wear this outfit every time I need to be fancy.)

Earlier in the day, Bob Murch showed us all his collection of antique Ouija Boards.

Me and Bob Murch

Then from 10-12 eastern time Jeff Belanger and I co-hosted the Spooky Southcoast radio show. I think the show went really well. We basically set up in the lobby and just interviewed various "paranormal people" who happened to walk by. Jeff is in the white doing something douchey and on the right that's demonologist and priest Father Andrew Calder from Georgia.

After that was done I caught up with some of the ghost tours going on. This shot below was at the Bretton Arms house that is on the property. I believe the people on the floor were using an ovelisk right here. Note the "dorb" in the middle. That's my new word for an orb that is dust. In addition to the ghost hunts they also had a UFO lookout spot on the top of the spa. I didn't get to go because I was doing radio at that moment, but I will try and hit it up tomorrow night.

Tomorrow we have another full day of talks and then another night of investigations and then that's it. I'm flying home on Monday. This all just flew by. Okay, it's 4:30 am...I'm too tired to be sentimental right now. Goodnight.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 8: Ass Reaper

So I'm kind of in a hurry right now. I haven't blogged from yesterday and I'm going to try and hurry and re-cap before the charity auction tonight. So pardon the haste and lack of pictures on this one. I'll get back into the regular swing of things tonight.

So yesterday (Friday) was mad house. The energy of this group is phenomenal. 400-some people are here and you can feel it. We started the meet-and-greet at 6pm and Jeff and I were blown away by the initial crowd response.

From 8-10 Michael and Marty Perry did a gallery reading. (I apologize if it's spelled "Marti" - I've seen it spelled both ways and I'm not sure which one it is.) I heard nothing but good things about it and I saw tons of people returning from it who looked quite impressed and/or emotional.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Perrys' reading because I was preparing for my show. Like last August, it was up in the ballroom. Jeff Belanger taped my show with three cameras and gave me a lapel mic in addition to the one I was holding. We are going to put together a DVD for sale. I have already seen some of the footage and it looks FANTASTIC. So keep an eye out on or my Facebook/Myspace/Twitter accounts to see when we're all done putting it together.

Anyway, the place filled up pretty fast and the show went AWESOME! It was truly a blast. I love the people who come to these shows because they really give out a ton of energy and that makes it better for everybody. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. Except for one thing...

Before the show, Jason Hawes came up to me with a bottle of hot sauce. Some of you may be familiar with the hot sauce debacle that's been going on for a while. Long story short: Britt Griffith and I were dared to some brutal hot sauce shots in San Diego. We took them, we barfed and it was recorded. Britt's ended up on the special features of the Star of India episode of Ghost Hunters and mine wound up on Jay's myspace ( So yesterday, like I said before, Jay came up to me with a bottle of hot sauce called "Ass Reaper". It's got habaneros in it. And as far as I can tell, nothing else. And he told me I should get Britt up on stage to do a shot. So I agreed, not even THINKING that they would try and get me one too. So I brought Britt up about halfway through my set. And then he challenges me to do one too. I'm in front of everyone, I can't back down. My glass had about twice as much as Britt's and we both did it. Britt immediately runs to the trash can in the back and throws up. Me? Well, I had 15-20 minutes of set left to go. Do you know what hell is? I do. The first five minutes after the shot I wavered a little bit. I coughed and sniffled and started to sweat. But then I pulled the mind-over-matter card and just tried to (literally) push it down. That was going alright, I was pushing through, and then on my second to last joke it started to get a little out of hand. Still, I held it together. I did my last joke and actually got a standing ovation (which is really neat) but instead of sticking around to thank everybody I made a B-line straight to the toilet. Oh man, did I get sick. It was awful. I was throwing up and sweating uncontrollably and shaking. I honestly thought that this time I'd gone too far and that I was going to go to the hospital. At one point Britt came in and asked if I was okay. I said "Noooooooo." Then he says "Hey Mike, just look at me for a second." I turn around and of course he's got his camera over the stall filming me.

Eventually, I started to feel better. That's when I realized I still had the DVD lapel-mic still on. That's right, it's all on tape. So that's probably going to be in the "extra features" category. You're not going to be forced to listen to it, but if you're feeling randy go ahead. "Click here for Mike Brody barfing his brains out."

By the way, I am officially retired from the hot sauce game. NEVER AGAIN! Put my banner up in the rafter. Mike Brody - Hot Sauce Champion - 2008-2009

So tonight from 10-12 eastern time (while the others are going up onto a peak in the mountains to go UFO hunting) I am going to be guest hosting the paranormal radio show Spooky Southcoast with Jeff Belanger. Click on this link to hear the live stream and check out

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 7: (Spalding Inn Day 4) A bunch of Staples jibbajabber

I woke up at 9:00 am today again. I went with Amy Bruni to go drop off some GH evidence in Conchord. "Oh and I just need to run a quick errand on the side" says Amy. Translation: I need to go to Staples, the grocery store, Applebees, Staples again, more Staples and a different Staples.

Nine hours later I returned to the Spalding Inn despondent, disheveled, carrying eight hundred bags of office supplies and thoroughly tired of Mr. T's bossy GPS directions. Thank goodness Amy is one of my most favorite people on the planet and a blast to hang out with.

This is what your soul feels like after an entire day at Staples.

Later on some of us went to the Carriage House again. Even though in the footage aired on last Wednesday's episode of Ghost Hunters they didn't experience much there, we have had tons of activity going on in that building this week. I went with a handful of people and we went straight to the attic. Everybody had experiences ranging from fleeting to intense (I don't always feel comfortable talking about other people's experiences without their permission per se). I had the very weird experience of having something touching my head. My hoodie was up so I couldn't see and I felt something resting on my head like the string from a lamp. I reached up to grab the string I was sure was there and there was nothing (and the roof was about ten feet above my head.) Across the room Scotty had the same feeling at the exact same time.

So tonight is our last night at the Spalding Inn. Tomorrow it's back to Mt. Washington until Monday. We have the entire hotel just for the 400 people at the convention. It's going to be a riot and a madhouse and I can't wait to meet all the new people and reconnect with all my friends from last time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Profile: Tarot Card Reader Scotty Roberts

Scotty Roberts is a triple threat. He's a tarot card reader, an author, an illustrator and a renaissance festival veteran. Yes, that's actually four things...but there's nothing threatening about a man in a codpiece.

Tonight I was in for a treat. Not only did Scotty do a very accurate and fascinating tarot card reading for me, but (upon his insistence) he answered my questions while demonstrating the best way to fight off armored knights with a pool cue. You can take the man out of the renaissance...

Name: Scotty Roberts

Favorite Harry Potter movie: Dost thou see my double lance thou peevish pribbling cockscomb! I like the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Favorite tarot card: I see you swingeth a blade like a suckling babe, thou'rt no match for me! I like the Fool. I like the message of the card. "Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead - Don't be the fool who rushes in where angels dare to tread".

Why is the King of Cups' name so boring? Does he work for Amway?: A-ha! I parry your blade away like a reed in the wind, scoundrel! The King of Cups has an arrow in the heart which signifies that he has a great capacity for love, but is deeply wounded.

How many pairs of tights do you own?: You have been bested by your master, weak knights. Now go fondle thy insignificant manhood and go sing Nonny-nonny!!!! I have two pairs of functional black and green velvet tights left. HUZZAH! VICTORY!

For more information on Scotty and his tarot readings go to To check out his fantastic illustrations and stories go to

Mt. Washington Day 6: (Spalding Inn Day 3) The Ghost of Optimus Prime

Tonight we watched the new episode of Ghost Hunters at the Spalding Inn. The cool thing was that the episode featured the Spalding itself. It was kind of neat to be at the actual place while you're watching it, especially since they got a lot of activity in the room we were in. The message was sent out over myspace and facebook that anyone was invited to come watch it with us and a dozen or so people actually did. We also streamed a video of us watching the episode over the internet, which I'm sure bored the people who watched it to tears. 40 people got to see me spill a soda and watch Adam Blai play air guitar on his leg to "Eye of the Tiger" in tribute to the TV show "Supernatural" (which admittedly was pretty freakin' awesome.) Anyway, the bar looks really nice now and I wish I lived around here because it'd be a good one to hang out in. It's creepy and welcoming all at the same time. Just like Jeff Belanger.

After the episode, I came upstairs and saw the Perrys playing with some weird box thing. It was actually called a "ovelisk" and here's the gist of it: It picks up electrical frequencies and...does something weird. I honestly felt like I was going to successfully explain that as I started typing that sentence, but I got nothing. It's too hard to explain. Somehow, it assigns a certain frequency to a word in the dictionary that is stored in the machine and says the word in a Stephen Hawking-esque robot voice . The idea is that the ghost manipulates the frequency and thus the word and that it can get it's message across that way. Weird, huh? I was interested though and after watching the Perrys get some results I asked if I could walk it down the hall and see what happened. I don't know all the words it said to them but I know it said "fall" and "female". It hadn't made a noise in five-ten minutes when I took it. I walked two steps with it and it said "walk". Then "Mike". Then "Mike" again. I'm taking all this with a grain of salt of course. It could be coincidence, but real or not real that is pretty weird. Then as I went down the hall it said "food" and "hungry" (I was about to make a sandwich). Then I walked into the lobby by Holly Griffith and it said "brother, sister, mother, uncle, hurt" all in a row. Then "mama" and "Leela". Two steps later it said "sorry". The brain can make context out of any random words I'm sure, but when they're lumped together in sequence like that it's strange. Other words it said as I walked down the hall were "no", "gender", "female", "seth", "fall" (several times), "demon" (about four times), "light" right when I was walking under a light and something that sounded like "yunt" or "junt" in German a couple times. Then I got to the end of the hallway and the machine started to get fuzzy and wouldn't work. So I turned back around the other way and it started to come in again. The first word it said on the way back was "hi." Just for the record, I don't know if all of this means a damn thing. I'm just mentioning it because it's interesting. It is probably all just the random filings of a machine, but it's still worth bringing up in the "who knows?" category. Oh yeah, when I got back to the Perrys they told me that it had done the "brother, sister, mother" thread too with them. Like I said, I take it with a grain of salt.

Then later Adam Blai (who might just be the coolest cat on the planet) did some light paintings of me and some others and they are absolutely outstanding. Check them out below (and then go to his website to see more.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Profile: Psychic Tiff

I love Tiffany Johnson. How can you not like a grown woman who is obsessively infatuated with Hello Kitty but still calls you "toots" and "sugar"? She's like a Japanese schoolgirl and a truck stop waitress got together in the 80's. And she's psychic. Yep. Which is wholly appropriate, because we call her Psychic Tiff. If she were a construction worker named Bob it wouldn't make any sense.

I recently doned my tin-foil hat (so she couldn't read my mind and mess up my interview) and did a little Q&A with Tiffany.

Name: Tiffany Johnson

Favorite TV show: Supernatural

Psychic ability or Hello Kitty?: (Tiff stammers and looks like I just asked her to choose between her arms and her legs.) If I didn't have the psychic ability then I couldn't afford the Hello Kitty. How about Hello Psychic Kitty? (I'll let this one slide because it's adorable.)

Name the musician - "Went to a party last Saturday night, didn't get laid but I got in a fight...": LITA FORD!!!! My hair is an homage to her, but it's more nappy. (I told you she was 80's!)

Do you know where my bike is?: Yes, do you? (Sorry Tiff. The correct answer is "in the basement of the Alamo" like in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. We then got into a fight over what was the best 80's movie, which I said was Pee Wee and she said "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" which came out in 1997.)

When you meet another psychic, do you have to cut off their head like in Highlander?: How'd you know? Did you get the handbook?

If you eat a leaf, what do you turn into?: Lettuce. (I was about tell Tiffany that she was wrong again and that it was a flying raccoon a la Super Mario Brothers 3 when she suddenly scarfed down a handful of leaves and turned into a piece of lettuce. I stand corrected.)

To learn more about Psychic Tiff and her amazing shape-shifting-into-ruffage abilities, go to

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 5: (Spalding Inn Day 2) A psychic, a demonologist and a comic walk into a bar

Today I got up at 9:00 am (Ug! 9:00 am! It ain't natural!) to go pick up Tiffany Johnson from the Manchester airport. Adam Blai came along too. We actually stopped at a little gift shop in a very touristy New England town and I resisted the extremely strong temptation to buy a raven walking staff. (It still hurts inside). However Adam, being the awesome person that he is, bought me a dancing dinosaur necklace. It has interchangeable beads so I can make it into a chicken (or "cock" as Tiffany says) or an assosaurus or an alien too.

Then we went to the Common Man Restaurant and had lots of chowdah and wicked good sandwiches. Tiff and Adam had the "Nightmare" sandwich. I had the meatloaf.

When we got back I took a nap. I woke up and some kids were in the hallway talking. I think they'd come in from the restaurant and were checking the place out.

KID A: This place is supposed to be haunted!!

KID B: It is? Really?

They were just outside my doorway, so I crept really quietly to the door and then jiggled the doorknob really fast and loud. The first kid yelled outloud.

KID A: I just heard the doorknob move!

KID B: No you didn't.

KID A: How could you not hear it?

I waited a second and then I jiggled the doorknob again even louder. Now both of them yelled. About thirty seconds later they came back with a couple other kids and I waited...waited...waited...right when I could tell they were pressing their ears against the door I pounded my palms against it as hard as I could. They ran for their life. Then I walked out the door and said "Hi-ya!" And I am now officially an old man. "Get off my lawn!"

Tomorrow at 9pm eastern we are watching the Spalding Inn episode while at the Spalding. We are actually going to set up a webcam and stream us watching it live at And then if the wifi will stretch after that we will go to the spots in the show that got activity. And we will try to give Britt a wedgie live too if possible.

Not much happened today. Nothing really ghostly happened. There was a little bit but nothing crazy. This is kind of the most boring blog of the week. Hey! Amy Bruni and Holly Griffith just got here. That's exciting!

Holly & Amy

This is honestly what it looks like at the hotel about 90% of the time. Internet addicts!

Profile: Bigfoot

Room 22.

The creepy room in a building full of creepy rooms.

All this week at the Spalding Inn in Whitefield, NH, I've heard weird sounds and seen unexplainable things. But the most mysterious has been Room 22. According to the front desk, the room is vacated this week for renovation. Not a soul is inside. Yet...yet...the noises continue. The scraping. The grunting. The eerie sounds of pounding and saws moving back and forth.

And then it happened.

Late last night I was strolling down the hallway, heading for the jar of free cookies on the front desk. And Room 22 opened. I saw the unmistakable shadow of a giant figure. It was...


I'm not sure why, in fact looking back it's insane that I did, but I quickly grabbed pen and paper and began to interview the elusive creature. Bigfoot explained to me that he is retired and secretly renting out Room 22 of the Spalding Inn.

Intrigued, I began my in-depth Q&A with Bigfoot:

Name: Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. Skunk Ape. Momo The Monster. The Fouke Monster. Lake Worth Monster. Nuk-luk. Harry. Old Yellow Top. Yowie. Almas. Amomongo. Barmanou. Yeren. Steve. Mono Grande. Chuchunaa. Woodwose. Orang Mawas. Orang Pendek. Fear Liath. Hibagon. Nguoi Rung. But my friends just call me Jonesy.

Favorite food: I enjoy a nice tilapia with some fruit cocktail and a bottle of chianti. Maybe some quiche. Or cow intestines.

What do you do in your free time now that you're retired?: I particularly enjoy Reader's Digest and making birdhouse lamps for my grandchildren.

Some people say you are an unidentified ape. Others say the Missing Link. Others have even wilder explanations. What exactly are you:? My parents always told me we were Greek, Italian and Armenian...but I have my doubts.

Do you know the Chupacabra?: Know him? We're playing checkers in five minutes! If that bastard cheats one more time I'm eating him!

(It didn't end well.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 4: (Spalding Inn Day 1) How's that for confusing?

Right now it's the off-time between week one and week two of the Mt. Washington event and several of us are staying at The Spalding Inn (Jay and Grant's hotel in Whitefield, NH.) It's me, Adam Blai, Scotty Roberts, Britt Griffith, and Michael & Marti Perry. Tomorrow we'll be joined by several others like Tiffany Johnson and Britt's wife, Holly. We're staying here until Friday when we go back to Mt. Washington. Oh yeah, and the place is haunted.

If you pay attention to the Ghost Hunters' show schedule you will see that Wednesday's new episode will feature...buh buh buhhhhh...The Spalding Inn! How cool is that? We are all going to watch an episode of Ghost Hunters while in that actual place. Here's some quick pictures of the place and my room. This place is incredible. (Click on the photo if you want to enlarge it.)

After we got settled in, Scotty, Adam, Britt and myself decided to go check out the Carriage House that's on the property.

Within minutes we started getting activity. While standing on the first floor Britt saw a shadow move several times at the top of the stairway on the second floor. We all heard heavy footsteps. Then Britt got a strong poking feeling just under his left armpit, as if someone had shoved a needle into him like a shot. I saw him while it happened and he was obviously experiencing pain. Less than five minutes later Adam got the exact same sensation in the exact same spot under his armpit (but in a different room.) Later, one of us was standing by a chair and felt a charge in the air. There was an eery sort of feeling that somebody was sitting in that chair. Obviously, that's anybody's guess if that true but the pictures below are of that room and the exact moment when we felt like somebody was in the chair.

Just after this we ventured up into the attic. What should have been the creepiest part of the whole house was the exact moment we all realized we didn't have each other's phone numbers. So the next five minutes were dedicated to taking camera phone pictures of each other and exchanging numbers like high school girls. Then Britt ripped the most rancid fart that mankind has ever known and true terror commenced. The worst part is, he did it right over the attic ladder, so in order to escape hell you had to go through all seven circles of it.

When we were on the first floor, there was that definite feeling that something was with us in the hallway. The other guys were trying to describe to me the "tingly" feeling you get and actually led me right into the heart of what may or may not have been an entity. One person got it on their head, another their legs and another the neck. I honestly got the sensation myself as well. It was weird for several reasons. One: because I felt it. Two: because it was in a weird part of me. Not gonna was a little crotchy. (I know what you're thinking and no, it wasn't like THAT, but...maybe I have a ghost fetish?)

(Note: As I'm typing this Britt and I heard what sounded like footsteps upstairs from us. We are in the lobby of the hotel and nobody is upstairs. Pretty cool. Also, sorry that the pictures are all different sizes. It's late and my brain is stuck on janky.)