Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 2: I think I was a good, not like that.

We had a really busy day at Mt. Washington for Day 2. The speakers started at 9:30 am. Kristyn Gartland spoke as did Jeff Belanger, Adam Blai and Loren Coleman. All did a great job as always and were really informative. Later there was a charity auction to help raise money for tourette's which brought it a really great amount!

"The Cave"

Later that night we broke up into groups and investigated five different locations of the hotel. I heard from people that there were various things going on activity-wise in parts of the hotel, but WITHOUT question "The Cave" bar downstairs was the hot spot. Every single group that went down there experienced something. Two girls were touched (appropriately!!), a chair was moved and the K2 meter was off the charts.

The lights would flash all the way to the end for a "yes" and not at all for a "no." I won't go into the specifics of the details for anybody who is coming next week (it'd be neat if they got the same answers from it that we did) but it was very exact and definitive. Age, how they died, where they lived, etc., etc.

When I was down there, Jason and Grant asked if it would touch somebody. I then volunteered to be specifically touched. I told whoever was there to give me a good ol' Three Stooges slap to the back of the head. At first nothing happened. And then it started to get really cold. And then it got colder. So then Adam Blai comes over behind me with his thermometer machine. (I don't know the real name for it, okay? I don't feel right calling it a thermometer by itself because that sounds like he'd stick it up my bum and a machine sounds too vague and I'm going with thermometer machine. Deal with it!) Anyway, he said that directly behind my head (three inches to be exact) was the coldest cold spot he'd ever felt. He said that he could feel it flowing against his palm in a spot where heat should have been radiating off my head and that it felt like waves from a freezer. And it actually did it for quite a while. So that's pretty neat!!! Oh and also the K2 meter was picking up patterns. There would be seven flashes, then three, then three and then thirteen. Over and over. It did it for several groups. Then out of nowhere Grant figured out that it was the exact rhythm for "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Count it out yourself! It had been doing it all night, but once he said that it did it once more so we could see if it was true and then never again.

So all in all it was a pretty dern cool experience and I can't wait to hit that place again tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, check back in for another Personality Profile and updates on the goings-on!