Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 10 & 11: The last night and the return home

Well I am back in the Twin Cities again and I already miss everybody. I can't wait until the next event.

One quick thing: On the last day after the auction Justin Libigs and his mother (Hi, Hunter & Firefly!) from W.I.P.S. (Wisconsin Illinois Paranormal Solutions) donated an extra $700 to charity. I just thought they deserved some credit for that!

(Psychic Tiff...Ghost Hunter/NARC agent)

("Grant Wilson, I'm your biggest fan!")

So anyway. How to start? I had a pretty incredible experience Sunday night. And I'm not even going to tell the full story because some parts of it were a bit personal. It is enough without them, trust me.

It was Sunday night and somewhere between 12-1 am. I decided I wanted to go to the Bretton Arms house on the side of the property. My friends Brendan and Julie decided to come along with me. There were several groups inside the building investigating. We kind of floated from room to room looking for a place with activity and with a bit of privacy as well. We tried a few rooms and had no success (imagine that, we forgot to bring equipment!) As we were walking down the hall to another room, Brendan peeks into room 48 and says "Does this room feel creepy to you?" We both thought it did. But we couldn't explain why or if we were just fooling ourselves. We had no equipment and none of us are especially in tune with anything. So I decided to text my friend Adam and see if he could help us out. He is usually on the ball with these things. He came upstairs and brought Mel and Andy from TAPS West Coast. Andy is a physicist and brought some equipment that he invented. He demonstrated how it reads electricity in a room like an EMF but makes a noise to read it (just for the record, I am probably butchering the scientific terms of this item, but I'm doing my best. Sorry Andy) So he held the meter up in the room to show the normal sound it makes. Then he held it to a power strip and it made a high-pitch noise. The theory was that a ghost could be read on this and even manipulate the frequencies to actually SPEAK through it. Long story short (not really...long story less long) someone felt a ghost enter the room. It got closer to the machine and the noise from it got louder and louder and louder. Andy encouraged it to get closer and figure out how it worked. The noise got LOUDER. And then.....I shit you not.....the thing started talking. I heard it. Everybody in the room heard it. Words. I still get goosebumps recalling it. This wasn't like some Stephen Hawking voice. It had a tone and a mannerism to it. I'm telling you they could put that scene in a movie and people would get scared. Some of us (not me!) asked it questions and it answered in (usually) one word sentences. It said it's name was "Ed" and 43 years old. It said "Help Me" quite clearly. It was asked if it needed prayer and "yes" came out. THEN, completely different from where the voice had been coming from the electricity I heard someone breath out very, very heavily. I waited for someone to say "What was that?" and nobody did. Finally I said "Which one of you sighed really hard?" We all then said we all heard it and that nobody did it. It was clear as a bell. Something sighed really hard that wasn't there to the natural eye. Then prayers were said and BOOM the electrical signal stopped. It was really fast. "It's moved on" was what somebody said immediately (sorry for the anonymous, I'm just being careful with people's privacy). Then this scene played out again with a different spirit right afterwards. Someone said they felt some negative energy coming near so they asked Andy's machine to say "prayer" if they needed prayer. (Because supposedly a bad spirit wouldn't/couldn't say that). The buzzing of the machine got louder and it said "prayer". Once again, I have to stress that this is not bullshit. I heard it. It wasn't all robot-y sounding. It was a VOICE. Imagine if you heard a creepy EVP without the playback. Like it's live and happening in the moment. That's what it was like. It was as clear as the EVPs from the Princess Room, but happening OUT LOUD at the moment.

Here's where I gloss over some things, but give you a general recap. It got really, really peaceful in the room. There was a very holy/calm feeling in the air. Then, I asked Adam (because at one point the clock said 3:33) if that number had any negative significance. He said that Jesus was crucified at 3pm so 3am is sometimes used by negative energy as a symbol of their...I dunno...hate? A bit of time goes by and Andy says "I don't mean to freak you out Brody, but..." which is the worst thing in the world to hear ever. Apparently it appeared like a shadow figure was standing over me behind my chair. Then we noticed that there were shadows on both ends of the room blocking out light and then letting it come through and generally making it's presence known. It felt like a good time to leave. The hotel employee who watches the place at night asked us what happened and you could tell by his reaction to OUR reaction that he was freaked. He could tell that we had seen something that you don't see everyday. And as we got into our shuttle to go back to the hotel I looked at the clock. "Would you guys say that dark stuff happened about five minutes ago?" The clock said 3:05. (The clock in the room had been an hour ahead, otherwise I would been way to freaked out to bring that time up before it even happened.)

So I couldn't figure out why the peace was followed by the negativity, so I asked. It was explained to me that sometimes when someone helps a spirit move on, that darker things show up to kind of say "What the %#$&? What do you think you're doing?" That's why I was glad to be around people I trust.

Then all of us went back to the main hotel and tried to soak it all in. I think it was pretty intense for everybody, although I think the overwhelming majority of it was positive. Remember that feeling of peace I talked about before? It hit me pretty hard. Despite the negative thingys at the end I actually hugged an older lady in the lobby that I barely knew and told her I loved her. Craziness.

ANYWAY! Thank you so much to everybody who showed up/participated/organized/helped out/whatever at this event. It was the time of my life and I can't wait for the next! I'll put up all the photos on facebook/myspace soon.

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  1. the emf detector that spoke is different to the ovelisk isn't it?