Monday, April 20, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 3: If I have one more peanut butter and jelly sandwich I'm gonna off myself

So week one of the Mt. Washington Beyond Reality event is over with. Some crazy things happened, a lot of PB&J was had, a giant bigfoot suit ended up in a box in my room and I've had a combined total of -5 hours of sleep. Who needs it, right? It was a total blast and I'm very excited for it to start up again next Friday.

I think my favorite part of the week was the K2 meters in The Cave bar downstairs. We did it again tonight and it was off the charts once more. (I totally forgot to mention that during the "yes" and "no" questions during the K2 readings yesterday, someone asked if any of the ghosts had seen the comedy show I'd performed in that room. It said no. Then Jason Hawes said "Yeah, they saw it and they died of boredom." Ka-Zing! Watch your back Hardware Hank.) Anyway, we were getting good results again tonight and then suddenly it just stopped. We waited for oh, thirty minutes or so and nothing. We'd already gotten a fair amount of activity and it was late so the group just wrapped up and went to bed. But a couple of us lingered and hung around. One person in particular whose name I won't mention sensed that there were no more ghosts in the room. (This person isn't on the show, but the only reason I'm not naming them is because I honestly am not sure if this is something they want known about themselves or not. They could be totally fine with it, but without their permission I'd just rather not say.) Like I said, at this point there hadn't been any activity in at least 30-40 minutes. None of the paid guests were still around, it was just a handful of us in the room. Suddenly this person says "something just came into the room." Boom...within two seconds the K2 meter flared up. From that point on, in varying stages and over different periods of time we all experienced or heard shuffling/footsteps on the other side of the (empty) room, what sounded like a chair moving slightly, whispers, cold spots, the lights flickering (of course that could be an electrical thing) and just general weird noises and feelings. Everybody felt it. Then it was done again. I tell you what...maybe you don't believe in any of this stuff and maybe you do. Regardless, I dare you to sit in a dark room in the basement of a supposedly haunted hotel while someone next to you says "Two more just entered the room...they're halfway to us and coming closer" and not get the freakin' willies. It was amazing.

There were a lot of great talks/seminars today as well. Scotty Roberts talked about the Nephilim, Jeff Belanger did a talk on Spirit Communication, Bob Murch gave a very entertaining and detailed history of spirit boards, Adam Blai talked about Demonology and Jay & Grant wrapped it all up with their own presentaion. Really, this event is pretty cool because you can learn a lot of interesting things and EXPERIENCE them as well.
To all the people that came out this week, THANKS and we hope you had a great time. And to everybody that's coming next week, we look forward to seeing you. Also, I'm going to be hanging out at Jay & Grant's Spalding Inn down the road from here until Friday and it's supposed to be haunted too, so I'll just keep blogging through that as well!

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