Monday, April 20, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 4: (Spalding Inn Day 1) How's that for confusing?

Right now it's the off-time between week one and week two of the Mt. Washington event and several of us are staying at The Spalding Inn (Jay and Grant's hotel in Whitefield, NH.) It's me, Adam Blai, Scotty Roberts, Britt Griffith, and Michael & Marti Perry. Tomorrow we'll be joined by several others like Tiffany Johnson and Britt's wife, Holly. We're staying here until Friday when we go back to Mt. Washington. Oh yeah, and the place is haunted.

If you pay attention to the Ghost Hunters' show schedule you will see that Wednesday's new episode will feature...buh buh buhhhhh...The Spalding Inn! How cool is that? We are all going to watch an episode of Ghost Hunters while in that actual place. Here's some quick pictures of the place and my room. This place is incredible. (Click on the photo if you want to enlarge it.)

After we got settled in, Scotty, Adam, Britt and myself decided to go check out the Carriage House that's on the property.

Within minutes we started getting activity. While standing on the first floor Britt saw a shadow move several times at the top of the stairway on the second floor. We all heard heavy footsteps. Then Britt got a strong poking feeling just under his left armpit, as if someone had shoved a needle into him like a shot. I saw him while it happened and he was obviously experiencing pain. Less than five minutes later Adam got the exact same sensation in the exact same spot under his armpit (but in a different room.) Later, one of us was standing by a chair and felt a charge in the air. There was an eery sort of feeling that somebody was sitting in that chair. Obviously, that's anybody's guess if that true but the pictures below are of that room and the exact moment when we felt like somebody was in the chair.

Just after this we ventured up into the attic. What should have been the creepiest part of the whole house was the exact moment we all realized we didn't have each other's phone numbers. So the next five minutes were dedicated to taking camera phone pictures of each other and exchanging numbers like high school girls. Then Britt ripped the most rancid fart that mankind has ever known and true terror commenced. The worst part is, he did it right over the attic ladder, so in order to escape hell you had to go through all seven circles of it.

When we were on the first floor, there was that definite feeling that something was with us in the hallway. The other guys were trying to describe to me the "tingly" feeling you get and actually led me right into the heart of what may or may not have been an entity. One person got it on their head, another their legs and another the neck. I honestly got the sensation myself as well. It was weird for several reasons. One: because I felt it. Two: because it was in a weird part of me. Not gonna was a little crotchy. (I know what you're thinking and no, it wasn't like THAT, but...maybe I have a ghost fetish?)

(Note: As I'm typing this Britt and I heard what sounded like footsteps upstairs from us. We are in the lobby of the hotel and nobody is upstairs. Pretty cool. Also, sorry that the pictures are all different sizes. It's late and my brain is stuck on janky.)


  1. After the paranormalish encounters, we ended up on the floor of the Spalding's hallway with our varied laptops and cellphones, frat boying our way through chips, unhealthy snack food and carbonated beverage. We eventually migrated to the lobby where we shared locker-roomisms and viewed our most precious and intimate online videos. (*wink*wink*nudge*nudge*) There was something about a "man and a horse."

    Strangely enough, after that experience, I had the queer urge to smoke. The Brody, with testosteronally engorged vigor, sputtered out deprecating comments about my lineage and orientation, obviously drawing from some deep, latent personal homosexual crisis. That's when I asked him what horse HE had in the race, after which he sputtered, guffawed and spewed out some very manly utterances. We then receded back into the warmth and safety of the Spalding, where fraternal frivolities recommenced, while Britt made turgid, flatuitous love to the floorboards.

    A night for the books, most certainly.

  2. hehe now i really wanna go! unless britts fart is still lingering?