Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 5: (Spalding Inn Day 2) A psychic, a demonologist and a comic walk into a bar

Today I got up at 9:00 am (Ug! 9:00 am! It ain't natural!) to go pick up Tiffany Johnson from the Manchester airport. Adam Blai came along too. We actually stopped at a little gift shop in a very touristy New England town and I resisted the extremely strong temptation to buy a raven walking staff. (It still hurts inside). However Adam, being the awesome person that he is, bought me a dancing dinosaur necklace. It has interchangeable beads so I can make it into a chicken (or "cock" as Tiffany says) or an assosaurus or an alien too.

Then we went to the Common Man Restaurant and had lots of chowdah and wicked good sandwiches. Tiff and Adam had the "Nightmare" sandwich. I had the meatloaf.

When we got back I took a nap. I woke up and some kids were in the hallway talking. I think they'd come in from the restaurant and were checking the place out.

KID A: This place is supposed to be haunted!!

KID B: It is? Really?

They were just outside my doorway, so I crept really quietly to the door and then jiggled the doorknob really fast and loud. The first kid yelled outloud.

KID A: I just heard the doorknob move!

KID B: No you didn't.

KID A: How could you not hear it?

I waited a second and then I jiggled the doorknob again even louder. Now both of them yelled. About thirty seconds later they came back with a couple other kids and I waited...waited...waited...right when I could tell they were pressing their ears against the door I pounded my palms against it as hard as I could. They ran for their life. Then I walked out the door and said "Hi-ya!" And I am now officially an old man. "Get off my lawn!"

Tomorrow at 9pm eastern we are watching the Spalding Inn episode while at the Spalding. We are actually going to set up a webcam and stream us watching it live at www.beyondrealityevents.com/brittg.mod. And then if the wifi will stretch after that we will go to the spots in the show that got activity. And we will try to give Britt a wedgie live too if possible.

Not much happened today. Nothing really ghostly happened. There was a little bit but nothing crazy. This is kind of the most boring blog of the week. Hey! Amy Bruni and Holly Griffith just got here. That's exciting!

Holly & Amy

This is honestly what it looks like at the hotel about 90% of the time. Internet addicts!


  1. As I live vicariously through you these next few days, I feel I should shave my head and buy medallions off the interweb. Out of respect, you see.

    So what I am to understand is that you are telling all the readers of your blog who are Neilsen families to NOT watch the Ghosthunters episode and instead view your ugly mug watching the episode instead?

    Run-on sentences aside, I think you are a bad person for making me choose.

    Speaking of bad, I plugged your silly blog to the MNCS audience last night and they started the foot stomping thing. I got pissed and since they didnt even listen to me telling them to read your blog, I told them you were dead.
    So expect some surprised looks in two weeks.

    You lucky bastard.

  2. You were at the Manchester airport and didn't even come visit me at work (literally 2 miles away)? We are so in a fight.