Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 6: (Spalding Inn Day 3) The Ghost of Optimus Prime

Tonight we watched the new episode of Ghost Hunters at the Spalding Inn. The cool thing was that the episode featured the Spalding itself. It was kind of neat to be at the actual place while you're watching it, especially since they got a lot of activity in the room we were in. The message was sent out over myspace and facebook that anyone was invited to come watch it with us and a dozen or so people actually did. We also streamed a video of us watching the episode over the internet, which I'm sure bored the people who watched it to tears. 40 people got to see me spill a soda and watch Adam Blai play air guitar on his leg to "Eye of the Tiger" in tribute to the TV show "Supernatural" (which admittedly was pretty freakin' awesome.) Anyway, the bar looks really nice now and I wish I lived around here because it'd be a good one to hang out in. It's creepy and welcoming all at the same time. Just like Jeff Belanger.

After the episode, I came upstairs and saw the Perrys playing with some weird box thing. It was actually called a "ovelisk" and here's the gist of it: It picks up electrical frequencies and...does something weird. I honestly felt like I was going to successfully explain that as I started typing that sentence, but I got nothing. It's too hard to explain. Somehow, it assigns a certain frequency to a word in the dictionary that is stored in the machine and says the word in a Stephen Hawking-esque robot voice . The idea is that the ghost manipulates the frequency and thus the word and that it can get it's message across that way. Weird, huh? I was interested though and after watching the Perrys get some results I asked if I could walk it down the hall and see what happened. I don't know all the words it said to them but I know it said "fall" and "female". It hadn't made a noise in five-ten minutes when I took it. I walked two steps with it and it said "walk". Then "Mike". Then "Mike" again. I'm taking all this with a grain of salt of course. It could be coincidence, but real or not real that is pretty weird. Then as I went down the hall it said "food" and "hungry" (I was about to make a sandwich). Then I walked into the lobby by Holly Griffith and it said "brother, sister, mother, uncle, hurt" all in a row. Then "mama" and "Leela". Two steps later it said "sorry". The brain can make context out of any random words I'm sure, but when they're lumped together in sequence like that it's strange. Other words it said as I walked down the hall were "no", "gender", "female", "seth", "fall" (several times), "demon" (about four times), "light" right when I was walking under a light and something that sounded like "yunt" or "junt" in German a couple times. Then I got to the end of the hallway and the machine started to get fuzzy and wouldn't work. So I turned back around the other way and it started to come in again. The first word it said on the way back was "hi." Just for the record, I don't know if all of this means a damn thing. I'm just mentioning it because it's interesting. It is probably all just the random filings of a machine, but it's still worth bringing up in the "who knows?" category. Oh yeah, when I got back to the Perrys they told me that it had done the "brother, sister, mother" thread too with them. Like I said, I take it with a grain of salt.

Then later Adam Blai (who might just be the coolest cat on the planet) did some light paintings of me and some others and they are absolutely outstanding. Check them out below (and then go to his website to see more.

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  1. They used that ovelisk thing on a paranormal state episode once. it is interesting!