Friday, April 24, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 7: (Spalding Inn Day 4) A bunch of Staples jibbajabber

I woke up at 9:00 am today again. I went with Amy Bruni to go drop off some GH evidence in Conchord. "Oh and I just need to run a quick errand on the side" says Amy. Translation: I need to go to Staples, the grocery store, Applebees, Staples again, more Staples and a different Staples.

Nine hours later I returned to the Spalding Inn despondent, disheveled, carrying eight hundred bags of office supplies and thoroughly tired of Mr. T's bossy GPS directions. Thank goodness Amy is one of my most favorite people on the planet and a blast to hang out with.

This is what your soul feels like after an entire day at Staples.

Later on some of us went to the Carriage House again. Even though in the footage aired on last Wednesday's episode of Ghost Hunters they didn't experience much there, we have had tons of activity going on in that building this week. I went with a handful of people and we went straight to the attic. Everybody had experiences ranging from fleeting to intense (I don't always feel comfortable talking about other people's experiences without their permission per se). I had the very weird experience of having something touching my head. My hoodie was up so I couldn't see and I felt something resting on my head like the string from a lamp. I reached up to grab the string I was sure was there and there was nothing (and the roof was about ten feet above my head.) Across the room Scotty had the same feeling at the exact same time.

So tonight is our last night at the Spalding Inn. Tomorrow it's back to Mt. Washington until Monday. We have the entire hotel just for the 400 people at the convention. It's going to be a riot and a madhouse and I can't wait to meet all the new people and reconnect with all my friends from last time.

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