Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 8: Ass Reaper

So I'm kind of in a hurry right now. I haven't blogged from yesterday and I'm going to try and hurry and re-cap before the charity auction tonight. So pardon the haste and lack of pictures on this one. I'll get back into the regular swing of things tonight.

So yesterday (Friday) was mad house. The energy of this group is phenomenal. 400-some people are here and you can feel it. We started the meet-and-greet at 6pm and Jeff and I were blown away by the initial crowd response.

From 8-10 Michael and Marty Perry did a gallery reading. (I apologize if it's spelled "Marti" - I've seen it spelled both ways and I'm not sure which one it is.) I heard nothing but good things about it and I saw tons of people returning from it who looked quite impressed and/or emotional.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Perrys' reading because I was preparing for my show. Like last August, it was up in the ballroom. Jeff Belanger taped my show with three cameras and gave me a lapel mic in addition to the one I was holding. We are going to put together a DVD for sale. I have already seen some of the footage and it looks FANTASTIC. So keep an eye out on or my Facebook/Myspace/Twitter accounts to see when we're all done putting it together.

Anyway, the place filled up pretty fast and the show went AWESOME! It was truly a blast. I love the people who come to these shows because they really give out a ton of energy and that makes it better for everybody. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. Except for one thing...

Before the show, Jason Hawes came up to me with a bottle of hot sauce. Some of you may be familiar with the hot sauce debacle that's been going on for a while. Long story short: Britt Griffith and I were dared to some brutal hot sauce shots in San Diego. We took them, we barfed and it was recorded. Britt's ended up on the special features of the Star of India episode of Ghost Hunters and mine wound up on Jay's myspace ( So yesterday, like I said before, Jay came up to me with a bottle of hot sauce called "Ass Reaper". It's got habaneros in it. And as far as I can tell, nothing else. And he told me I should get Britt up on stage to do a shot. So I agreed, not even THINKING that they would try and get me one too. So I brought Britt up about halfway through my set. And then he challenges me to do one too. I'm in front of everyone, I can't back down. My glass had about twice as much as Britt's and we both did it. Britt immediately runs to the trash can in the back and throws up. Me? Well, I had 15-20 minutes of set left to go. Do you know what hell is? I do. The first five minutes after the shot I wavered a little bit. I coughed and sniffled and started to sweat. But then I pulled the mind-over-matter card and just tried to (literally) push it down. That was going alright, I was pushing through, and then on my second to last joke it started to get a little out of hand. Still, I held it together. I did my last joke and actually got a standing ovation (which is really neat) but instead of sticking around to thank everybody I made a B-line straight to the toilet. Oh man, did I get sick. It was awful. I was throwing up and sweating uncontrollably and shaking. I honestly thought that this time I'd gone too far and that I was going to go to the hospital. At one point Britt came in and asked if I was okay. I said "Noooooooo." Then he says "Hey Mike, just look at me for a second." I turn around and of course he's got his camera over the stall filming me.

Eventually, I started to feel better. That's when I realized I still had the DVD lapel-mic still on. That's right, it's all on tape. So that's probably going to be in the "extra features" category. You're not going to be forced to listen to it, but if you're feeling randy go ahead. "Click here for Mike Brody barfing his brains out."

By the way, I am officially retired from the hot sauce game. NEVER AGAIN! Put my banner up in the rafter. Mike Brody - Hot Sauce Champion - 2008-2009

So tonight from 10-12 eastern time (while the others are going up onto a peak in the mountains to go UFO hunting) I am going to be guest hosting the paranormal radio show Spooky Southcoast with Jeff Belanger. Click on this link to hear the live stream and check out

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