Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mt. Washington Day 9: Radio Radio

Today was a really fun day at Mt. Washington. There were some really great talks/speeches/presentations (I don't know what I'm supposed to call them technically) by Tiffany Johnson about psychic powers, Kristyn Gartland about Paranormal 101 (she killed today - don't be funnier than me Kristyn!), Scotty Roberts about the Nephilim (NEF-i-LEEM), Nick Redfern on cryptozoology and Steve Gonsalves with "Tech Talk". Today I also learned that Steve's last name is pronounced (gon-ZALVS). Everybody thought I was pronouncing his name incorrectly, whereas I was probably the second person on earth to ever say it right. I can't remember who was the first and told me the secret, but you're not writing this blog so no credit for you!!!

Then at dinner we had an auction of various TAPS related items and we raised $7,450 for charity. Add that with the $1,500 from the previous week and that's not bad at all. I think Jeff and I are starting to get this dancing monkey/auctioneer business down. The trick is talking loud and fast and realizing that you can't compete with cheesecake.

Vegan Mel, myself and Tiffany Johnson (yes, I wear this outfit every time I need to be fancy.)

Earlier in the day, Bob Murch showed us all his collection of antique Ouija Boards.

Me and Bob Murch

Then from 10-12 eastern time Jeff Belanger and I co-hosted the Spooky Southcoast radio show. I think the show went really well. We basically set up in the lobby and just interviewed various "paranormal people" who happened to walk by. Jeff is in the white doing something douchey and on the right that's demonologist and priest Father Andrew Calder from Georgia.

After that was done I caught up with some of the ghost tours going on. This shot below was at the Bretton Arms house that is on the property. I believe the people on the floor were using an ovelisk right here. Note the "dorb" in the middle. That's my new word for an orb that is dust. In addition to the ghost hunts they also had a UFO lookout spot on the top of the spa. I didn't get to go because I was doing radio at that moment, but I will try and hit it up tomorrow night.

Tomorrow we have another full day of talks and then another night of investigations and then that's it. I'm flying home on Monday. This all just flew by. Okay, it's 4:30 am...I'm too tired to be sentimental right now. Goodnight.

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