Sunday, April 19, 2009

Profile: "Britt Griffith" ????

Hello and welcome to installment number 2 of my TAPS/Mt. Washington profile series. Today I interviewed local ghost enthusiast Britt Griffith. After spending several days speaking with hotshot TV stars and their illustrious ghost hunting careers, it was nice to run into your Everyday Joe with no fame to speak of.

I met Britt at the soda machine at about 3:30 am., where he was trying to stuff quarters into the dollar slot. After much cajoling, I convinced Britt to give up his fruitless endeavor and do a quick Q & A with myself.

Name: Britt Griffith

Prince or Madonna: Madonna

If you could haunt any place in the world, what would it be?: Playboy Mansion Grotto! (I hadn't even finished saying "be" before Britt blurted this out. In fact, I'm not even sure if he was answering my question or if this is something he just mumbles to himself at all times while unsuccessfully trying to score soda-pops. Maybe he thinks Playboy models like Mr. Pibb? Maybe if he can just collect enough soda cans he'll be able to raise the money to go stalk the Playboy Mansion Grotto? Either way, somebody ought to tell him to bring more than a few (Canadian) coins next time.)

What it's like being here at Mt. Washington on your very first ghost hunting expedition ever?: (Pause) Are you $#%*ing with me?

Do you ever plan on being on TV someday? (blank stare)

(At this point Britt went off on a 10-minute diatribe about how apparently he's actually ON the show Ghost Hunters and that he's been investigating the paranormal for years. I'm not sure if I believe him, because the next thing he said after that was "Playboy Mansion Grotto" again. I could tell he was anxious to get back to his sodapops, so I asked one final question. I noticed that throughout the week this man had been a regular dancing monkey; running from one end of the hotel to the other for no apparent reason like cats do, flexing everytime he talked and chasing elk out in the woods.)

Why do you always have to be the center of attention?: Because I was always the center of attention as a kid and if I wasn't I set things on fire.

So there you have it. Britt Griffith: Ghost Hunter....or arsonist? Look into his eyes and decide for yourself.

You can catch Britt on Ghost Hunters on Wednesday nights on the Sci Fi channel (according to Britt.)

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  1. Hey Mike, that was awesome! The way you treated that poor Brit guy with so much compassion! It brings a tear to my eye.
    However,he does kinda look like someone I have suspected might be stalking Jason and Grant.
    What do you think?