Sunday, April 26, 2009

Profile: Dave Tango

Dave Tango is a paranormal phenom. In the span of five minutes he finished conducting a ghost tour, helped a woman spot her missing purse from across a dark room like a hawk, said thanks to everybody, took pictures with me, signed a photo for my friend Andy, answered my questions for this profile in the few minutes he had before the next tour group arrived and (I think) discovered the secret to time travel...all while breakdancing. Knowing that I only had limited time, I decided to cut right to the questions that are on everybody's mind.

Name: Dave Tango

Favorite Spice Girl: (After much deliberation and almost going with Posh Spice) Ginger Spice.

Would you rather have the power of invisibility or flight?: Invisibility. (That answer is 100% correct. If you had the power of flight you'd also have to have invincibility because someone would shoot you down. If you're invisible, you could hide and (if so inclined - not that I would) look at people in showers and (not that I would) steal cookies.) What is the rules on parenthesises inside of parenthesises? Is that even how you spell that? Moving on!

You were in a handbell choir when you were a kid. Who would win in a fight: The handbell choir or Manheim Steamroller?: The handbell choir because we have more weapons. (I think he meant the bells...not machine guns or blades.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how pretty are you?: 1 (I appreciate Dave's humbleness, but come on! That's like Quasimoto/Hunchback of Notre Dame level! Wait...handbells...bell towers...maybe there's a connection?)

What exactly does "going Jersey" on somebody mean?: Getting red and having pure rage. And then feeling sorry afterward.

When are you going to just punch Steve?: In his sleep and then tell him something fell on him. (The funny thing about that answer is...I thought he'd say "in an hour" or "next week" or something. That was a very specific moment with a getaway plan. I think I should call hotel security and post some guards outside of Steve's room tonight!)

Thanks Dave for answering my questions when you were busy. I'm sorry that I've pretty much published your written confession.

(Me and Dave rockin' the air handbell choir.)


  1. I like Tango. He and Steve are very entertaining to watch and a good at debunking. He looks and even sounds a little like Casey Afflect. I like the picture of the two of you.

  2. I like Tango two he sounds like a good guy infact i am in a paranormal group called Central Springfield Parapornormal Society and so far we are having the time of our lives and i am thinking about backing out and joining the taps team maybe

  3. i love tango!!!! he's soo dreamy i really love him and ste but not soo much steve!!!!