Saturday, April 18, 2009

Profile: Herbierto

So far this week at Mt. Washington Resort I've met a plethora of fantastic and interesting people. Ghost Hunters, ghost fans, random rich people who just happened to be here and employees of the hotel who have to deal with the lot of it. In the following days I'm going to be profiling several of the above mentioned people on this blog. And I thought what better way to start it off than with the charismatic, gigantically tall elevator operator, Herbie.

Herbi makes a living running the manually operated elevator in the lobby of Mt. Washington Resort. It sounds like the greatest job ever. All you have to do is turn a crank and sit in a chair and try not to fart. I also think you are supposed to get tips, but unless he has a credit card swiper strapped to his chest, it ain't gonna happen. I am broke! Anyway, here is my short question and answer with Herbie.

What is your name? Herbierto

What is your favorite color? Green

What is your favorite thing about elevators? Yes

(This is the part of the Q&A where I realized that Herbie did not speak FAN-tastic English. So from this part of the interview on I quickly fell back on my extensive high school spanish class knowledge.)

Te gusta gatos o perros (cats or dogs)? Perros!!! (He was very adamant about this fact. Herbie is a manly man.)

Cual es tu comida favorita (what is your favorite food)? Carne. (For those of you that don't know. Carne means meat. Herbie likes dogs and meat. Can you feel the testosterone? This guy should be on the cover of the Latin Brawny paper towels!!!) Herbie also said that he likes arroz con habichuela. I looked it that up on the internets and it means "Rice and beans". But it also is the name of the winner for Best Salsa Album at the 2007 Latin Grammys. I'm not sure which one he was referring to, but it all sounds like a good time! YOU ROCK HERBIERTO!

Stay tuned for more profiles including members of TAPS and random people.