Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dream Journal: Day 1

Day #1 did not start off well as far as dream journaling goes. I completely forgot that I was supposed to do this. This is pretty much what went on in my brain for the first five minutes of waking up:

"Uhhhhh....oh my god it's 1pm. I slept in until 1! Oh wait, it's eastern time so it's really only noon. Phew! I should get up. But this isn't bad like this. I am laying on my side funny and I have to pee, but I don't feel like moving. I should get up. I wonder if they wash these sheets in the hotel everyday? It's cold in here. Uggggg. I should get up. Oh crap, my dream journal!"

I feel like I lost about half of my dream while mulling around in bed, but it's the first day and these things get easier as you go on. So here is my choppy review of the dream that I remember from last night:

I am at a golf course. It's green and the sun is setting. Still, there are a lot of people golfing and it's a big course...even though it's kind of miniature-golfy looking. I am not golfing because I hate golf, I just love golf courses. I think my friends are golfing, though.

I get a weird feeling that we aren't supposed to be there. My friends and I decide to go to the club house and eat. They keep moving us like ten times. My friends are sad (not mad) about it.

We are all in the club house now, except now the place has a wall that just opens up to outside, like it becomes a patio. I am sitting right at the point where the outside becomes the inside. There are some soft clouds passing by that are rose pink and are passing out of view over the roof of the club house. They are swirling gently. I say something to the effect of "Look at the twirlies!" and some dude in the back starts making fun of me for it "Look at the twwwwwiiiirrlies!" he says. Just then, the clouds pull a 180 over the club they are huge and fill the whole sky and are gray and angry. It's going to be a tornado or a huge storm. Not sure how I know, but it is my doing. Then I woke up.



Don't fuck with me or I will send a tornado down on you!!!!!

This kind of had a feel that I have with a lot of my dreams. There are generally three really common locations for me. The ocean (but not in it, just on the sandy bank of it looking out), a park of some sort (usually it's very colorful, kind of like that movie "What Dreams May Come" and sometimes it's a very specific one that you have to fly to get to. In LA???) and a college dorm (nostalgia for the good old days?)

Although this location was a new one for me in this dream, it still felt like the park that you have to fly to, although it looked different. Also, I have three re-occurring dreams in my life: Sharks, tornados and Godzilla. Godzilla and tornados are the same thing, and I haven't had a Godzilla dream since I was young. It's basically scary dark things that you can't see or do anything about coming to get you. At least that's how I see it. This was the first time ever that I've controlled the tornado or at least had it on my side. I kind of feel bad that I would bring a freakin' tornado on people, but like I said...don't mess with me!!

That is all for now. I don't know if this is interesting to anybody at all, but I'm going to continue doing it for seven days as a project.


  1. i found this post interesting. i think i qualify as an anybody. but definitely not an everybody.

  2. were you playing golf with jesus & bill hicks?

  3. Instead on Godzilla, King Kong has been in many of my dreams. I enjoyed it and looking forward to more.

  4. i have reoccuring dreams about tornados too. freaky.