Friday, May 8, 2009

Dream Journal: Day 2 (Even in my dreams it haunts me)

Damn man, this dream journaling is hard! I did this like three years ago and it was a piece of cake! Maybe when you have a job to get up for your brain is more concise? Ah man, the bed is right here and the journal is two feet away....ugggg....TWO feet. I know I was dreaming last night, but I just kept sleeping and sleeping until it's all fuzzy. BAH! I'm going to keep trying.

Here's what I do remember:

Oh man, okay...there's this song on YouTube called "Jesus Is My Friend" by a christian band named "Sonseed". A friend posted it on Facebook and it's been stuck in my head ever since. It sounds like The Specials found God, but also were sex offenders at the same time. It was in my dream last night. All I remember is that random people would sing it from time to time and I remember being mildly aware that I was dreaming and thinking "Damn, in my dreams, too?" I posted the link below. It's like it's the most ridiculous song ever but at the same time completely hypnotic and somehow actually not THAT bad. In fact, I listen to it about five times a day. It's pretty catchy. Catchy enough to haunt my dreams. Here it is:

Also, the rest of the night I had that creepy half-awake/half-asleep feeling of shadows in my room and weird things standing by my bed. But I was still asleep enough to have some character in a dream say "It's evil!" over and over. I have that a lot where I'll be dreaming from my bed. Like I'll know I'm by my bedspread and sheets but I'll think I'm at the bank at the same time. "I'd like to deposit this pillow." I have thrown objects off of my night stand at things (several time it was the lamp even!) that I thought were near my bed. I know that's just the hallucination factor of being half in and half out of sleep, but it feels real at the time and it's annoying!

(I promise I didn't make that up about dreaming about the "Jesus Is My Friend" song. That damn thing is still stuck in my head too. I'm trying to keep this dream journal 100% real, which is why today's post is so boring. It's AUTHENTIC!!)

Also, my friend and I have a promise/dare/threat to meet each other on the astral plane in a very specific location. It might take 25 years, but we will get it to work. I would tell you where it is, but no crashers!


  1. You don't seem to be having a good dream by the look on your face.

  2. Not to trivialize the rest of the post, but that song? Is incredible.