Monday, November 28, 2011

Zan's monster magnets!

My wife Zan made these magnets.  The zebra ones are sold-out, but the monster ones are on sale on the link below:

Monster magnets! Made by my wife, Zan. $3 a piece. They come in multiple colors. LIMITED QUANTITIES!!!!

Zan is working full-time and going to school full-time and culminating her ceramics practice, but now she's freed up--so she will be putting up a blog/store of magnets, cards, artwork (prints, paintings), sculpture, furniture and new shirts and other randomness starting sometime in January.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Off the Mike

This is a really fun interview that my buddy and fellow comedian Mike Bobbitt did with me.  I like how it turned out and I'm really humbled by all the nice things Mike said.  I can honestly say that he's even nicer and cooler than all the things he said about me.  Click here to read the interview.

Here's a cartoon of Mike Bobbitt: