Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Called Pay It "FORWARD"

Recently I spent some time in a coffee-house drive-thru.  See, I quit drinking coffee a while back, but still "indulge" in green tea frequently for the 0.000001% of caffeine that resides in a leaf.  Even though that amount of caffeine surely does nothing to me, it's the possibility and the principle that gets me excited.  It's like a new Prince album - I should know better.  (Seriously, Prince, either start singing about weird stuff again like humping ostriches or just stop.  No one wants to hear about Jehovah's Witnesses in a funk song.)  

So on this particular day, I had this exchange with the "barista" or "teenage window kid": 

BARISTA WINDOW KID:  Your drink is free of charge today.  The person in front of you paid your tab. 

ME: Really?  Why?  

BARISTA WINDOW KID: It's just a thing people do sometimes.  One person will pay someone behind them's tab and then the next person will do it for the person behind them and it just becomes a thing. 

ME:  Oh.  Okay.  Well how much is the guy's tab behind me?


ME:  STREAK BROKEN!  *screeches away*

WTF?  How many frapaccinos do you need?  You got greedy man.  YOU GOT GREEDY!!!

1 comment:

  1. I would have done the same thing, Mike. I think I am going to start telling the window kid that the person BEHIND me said he would pay my tab.