Thursday, March 3, 2011

For Those About To Mock

ADD/C and their line of fan.

I recently got into a fight on Facebook with an AC/DC tribute band.

This is how I spend my time these days.  It's not one of my prouder moments.   

Let me break it down for you just in case you don't know the difference between a cover band and a tribute band:  A cover band plays cover songs from various musicians.  A tribute band plays covers of one specific band and dresses up like them.  Regularly.  It's like Halloween every day with these guys.  It's just like seeing the real band but without all that annoying talent or originality or fans.

So here's how it went down.  The AC/DC tribute band in question is called ADD/C.  Get it?  But see, I'm a fan of a punk band who is also named ADD/C.  They write their own music and dress up like themselves.  What a concept!  So I looked for them on Facebook and found them.  Or so I thought.  I clicked "like" and then realized that these clowns were dressed up like Bon Scott and Angus Young.  So I wrote on their wall "Oh, you're not ADD/C the punk band.  You're a tribute band.  Meh."  It was a little rude, but I can be a bit of a dick sometimes and I wanted just a sliver of my disappointment to shine through.

Here's how they responded, along with the ensuing exchange: 

ADD/C:  Any tiny amount of education in a person would let them figure out that this is a TRIBUTE band called ADD/C!!!  Does this punk band have a website and professional style recordings?  No.  WE DO!  And if you don't like our music, you can get lost! 

ME:  Well, it's a good thing for all of us that you're a tribute band and don't HAVE any of your own music, huh?  So blow me.

ADD/C:  The only blowing will be of your head off!

(Note: I could not make that line up.  100% real.  I'm pretty sure that wasn't proper English.  Such Neanderthalian beauty!  See, I can butcher the language too.)

ADD/C: (continuing) We travel more in a month than you have in your whole life!  We've played Vegas!  Have you played Vegas?  We played VEGAS!

ME:  Who'd you open for in Vegas, Midget KISS?

At this point my wife walks by the computer and goes "Who're you talking to?" and I blurted out "NO ONE!"

It's funny how quickly shame and realization can set in.  And yet still it doesn't sink in deep enough that I'm not plotting more revenge.  I need to start an 80's tribute band that combines a metal band and a disease and blow these schmucks out of the water.  I'm thinking Guns 'N Restless Leg Syndrome or Damn Yellow Fever (I get to be The Noog!) or Motley Cryptorchidism.  (Cryptorchidism means you have an "undescended testicle".  METAL!)    

In the meantime, please check out the real band "ADD/C" from Chattanooga, TN.  They play catchy, fast, kickass punk rock and their brand new album "Busy Days" is on heavy rotation at my place.  

And you know what?  Just because I used their picture and maybe you're bored...check out the AC/DC tribute band as well.


  1. They so obviously did not know who they were talking too. There is no way they have traveled more than you have :) They may have played Vegas but lets see them entertain a rowdy bunch of pre-drunk paranormal enthusiests....That's entertainment! ^pointing* EVP'S, EVP'S, EVP'S... *calls out* DUDE RUN..... Love ya, Mike!!!

  2. my angus young suit is better than that schmucks!/photo.php?fbid=1902046116759&set=a.1693446381896.97660.1409890023&type=1&theater

  3. I couldn't get that link to work.